CCM is a non-profit ministry dedicated to integrating Christian beliefs and values with traditional therapeutic techniques. The type of treatment used is dependent on the issue(s) being treated, the purpose of the treatment, and the comfort level of the client with the technique.We have a variety of office locations throughout Western New York. You will find that we are skilled in helping individuals, couples and families of all ages and backgrounds.

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Self-Compassion Test

Portrait of a worried woman with cup of tea

Download as PDF (68kb) This is an adaptation of a test originally composed via Dr. Kristin Neff at www.self-compassion.org/test-how-self-compassionate-you-are For our purposes, we are replicating each presented question and its possible level on the continuum below (almost never to almost always), but instead of calculating an actual score, the focus ...

Processes of Forgiveness


Written by Meaghan Heighway, LMHC-P “Study the past if you would define the future.” (Confucius) Forgiveness is a huge concept, which people have struggled with throughout history. Particularly if you practice the tenets of Christ, there is a certain expectation that you will be more forgiving, because it’s the ‘Christian ...

Mental Health Triage


God never intended for us to “do life” alone or isolated, rather, He intended for us to live in Christian community. Christian community moves us beyond the self-interested isolation of private lives and challenges us to go beyond superficial social contacts that we let pass for “Christian fellowship”. The Biblical ...